Phasepardhis, from Hunters to Keepers: Journey of Transformation

By Video created by Rahul Karanpuriya on Oct. 15, 2019 in Videos on Alternative initiatives


Phasepardhis, an adivasi community who were considered hunters, use their traditional knowledge to regenerate grasslands and support its wildlife, enhancing livelihood options for themselves.

Read an article on this initiative of present day conservation of grasslands by the Phasepardhi community of Wadala village in Akola district of Maharashtra: ‘Phasepardhi’s and the Lesser Florican, written specially for Vikalp Sangam.

याच उपक्रमाबद्दल विकल्प संगम साठी अलीकडेच लिहिला गेलेला विशेष मराठी लेख फासेपारधी आणि तणमोर वाचा – 

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2 responses to “Phasepardhis, from Hunters to Keepers: Journey of Transformation”

  1. Very happy to see the documentary. I have known Kaustubh for a long time and have always wanted to visit his area of work. Somehow that has not happened, hence this documentary has given me at least a glimpse of his good work! Best wishes!!

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