Environmental conservation and sustainability, respecting ecological integrity and limits

The search for dignified, ecologically sustainable and meaningful livelihoods and jobs is featured in this section. This includes the continuation and enhancement of fulfilling traditional occupations that communities choose to continue, including in agriculture, pastoralism, forestry, fisheries, crafts, and others in the primary economy. It also includes sustainable, dignified jobs in manufacturing and service sectors where producers and service-providers are in control of their destinies and revenues are equitably distributed.

Rejuvenation of Pithoragarh springs by PSI

" ... a rejuvenation of springs programme, not just to conserve the water culture of Uttarakhand but also to ensure that villagers received an augmented water supply,”

In Maharashtra’s Drought-Prone District, a ‘Goat Bank’ Is Making Women Financially Secure

"More than her capacity to pay back, we are looking for a long-term commitment to continue the project work,”

From December, a weekly market in Mumbai exclusively for organic produce

Many farmers have veered away from organic farming, and to bring them back, one needs an assured market.

हिमालय में प्रेरणा का संगम (in Hindi)

संगम ने विकल्पों की पहल को सामने लाने और एक दूसरे से सीखने का मौका दिया. प्राकृतिक आपदाओं की बढ़ती घटनाओं के बीच उम्मीद जगाई.

અમારુ જંગલ આપીશું નહીં (in Gujarati)

"We've been conserving the forest for millennia. Even our songs are similar to the sounds of animals..."

सहोदय डायरीज़: सहदोय में रहने का अनुभव (in Hindi)

'हम जैविक कम्पोस्ट बनाना जानते हैं, स्थानीय चिड़िया के नाम जानते हैं, कुछ चित्र बनाते हैं, योग करते हैं, खाना बनाना जानते हैं और अपनी भाषा मे कहानी लिखते हैं।'

Women sustain traditional wisdom of conserving indigenous seeds

Women farmers in Mandla reduce market dependency with the conservation practice of climate-resilient traditional seeds exchange.

कहांडळ गवत व शिंदीच्या झाडांची किमया (in Marathi)

आपल्या कल्पना शक्तीच्या जोरावर भाकऱ्या ठेवण्यासाठी कुरकुला, पक्षांचे आकार, मंदिर, फुलदाणी, इंग्रज टोपी विणून एक नवीन प्रेरणा गावातील लोकांना दिली.

Farmer’s Share: Towards Dignified Rural Livelihoods

How an eco-conscious community in central Kerala creates and facilitates dignified rural livelihoods based on Gram Swaraj.