Vikalp Sangam in the News

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Vikalp Sangam Reports

Sangams or physical gatherings bring together organizations, individuals, networks and movements who have worked at practical or conceptual levels on…

Sustainable Energy

Installation of equipment for Solar power at an NGO, Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh, that has done path-breaking work in the field of Education.

Creativity and Innovation

Developed by M N Dinesh and Peter Bakos, this electric-powered Mobile Multi-Deck Grader is a portable machine that separates agricultural harvest according to size, providing cleaned grains and fetching higher prices for the farmer.

Direct and Delegated Democracy

Communities are actively engaged in building local governance institutions like Mahagram sabha (a federation of 86 village assemblies in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, whose meeting in Mar. 2018 is depicted here) by revisiting traditional systems.

A pond, a community and a forest fair – The story of Mesar Van Kautik

Food festivals, trail running and mini-marathons, yoga camps, story-telling sessions and bird-watching walks lead up to Mesar Van Kautik.

Re-reading Tagore to Become Human

"... we are all willing to pay a premium to experience natural surroundings which offer nutriment to the soul"

Reviving Himalayan Springs essential for climate adaptation

Addressing forests-water-people-climate links wisely, comprehensively and expeditiously is crucial to our long-term wellbeing, if not survival.

Vikalp Sangam Outputs

Alternatives Transformation Format The motivation behind making the Alternatives Transformation Format is the quest to…