Global Tapestry of Alternatives
Global Tapestry of Alternatives

The Global Tapestry of Alternatives seeks to build bridges between networks of Alternatives around the globe and promote the creation of new processes of confluence.

Western Himalayan Vikalp Sangam
Western Himalayan Vikalp Sangam

Bringing together radical alternatives for collective well-being

Alternative Economies Vikalp Sangam
Alternative Economies Vikalp Sangam

A collective process for weaning off from the modern economic paradigm while creating transformative and life-affirming ways of relating to our material world and resources.

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India’s sluggishness in tackling major hazards strikes is a systemic problem that requires a systemic solution.

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To help groups get donations, find collaborations as well as information, education and communication materials

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Dissent and democracy go together. We must rethink, accept and create space for youth activism and strengthen legal & democratic institutions

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