Case studies

Case studies commissioned by Vikalp Sangam or other processes

Case studies on various initiatives of an Alternative kind, specially commissioned for Vikalp Sangam or other processes

This study examines a transformative process unfolding in the city of Bhuj that aims to challenge the mainstream model of urban planning and governance. Under the Homes in the City (HIC) program initiated by five civil society organisations (Hunnarshala, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, Arid Communities and Technologies, Sahjeevan, and SETU Abhiyan), along with issue-based collectives and citizens, a decentralised ward level planning and decision-making process, along with strengthening of Municipalities and a holistic and integrated approach is being attempted.

The Goba of Ladakh: Report

This study focuses on documenting the present status of the traditional governance system of Ladakhi villages, with a focus on the goba (or lambardar/nambardar).

Assessment of traditional rainwater harvesting system in barren lands of a semi-arid region: A case study of Rajasthan

During the monsoon season, the excess rainwater from Chauka and ponds flows into the river. This seasonal river meets a larger dam downstream that provides water to many districts in Rajasthan

Case Studies on Development Action and Impact

'Stories of Change' initiative by Azim Premji University, encouraging social sector organisations to document their work and develop a grounded knowledge base

Reviving the Traditional Millet Based Bio-Diverse Agricultural System in Phek District, Nagaland

A case study supported by Oakland Institute. NEN has been working with the farmers, especially women farmers and mobilizing villages in Nagaland to revive the traditional millet-based agroecology.

Nurturing Nature and People amid Climate Change – The Case of Purushwadi

Intervention seeking to improve communities’ adaptive capacities, local ecosystems and biodiversity, and participatory governance

Emergence of small-scale cold-pressed oil units in Tamil Nadu, a welcome change for the local food systems

Autonomous emergence of small scale cold-pressing oil units to meet local demand for healthy cooking oils offers hope

Small scale decentralised processing of small millets

Small scale decentralised processing infrastructure is crucial for transforming nutritious small millets from an ‘elite food’ into a ‘mass food’.

Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council- Leh (India), How autonomous and how democratic?

This case study analyses the extent and nature of democracy seen in the example of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development…

Tosamaidan- A zone of peace and resilience in Kashmir (India)

This case study describes and analyses a non-violent movement to save a Himalayan landscape of enormous ecological and livelihood importance,…