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Emergence of small-scale cold-pressed oil units in Tamil Nadu, a welcome change for the local food systems

Autonomous emergence of small scale cold-pressing oil units to meet local demand for healthy cooking oils offers hope

Small scale decentralised processing of small millets

Small scale decentralised processing infrastructure is crucial for transforming nutritious small millets from an ‘elite food’ into a ‘mass food’.

Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council- Leh (India), How autonomous and how democratic?

This case study analyses the extent and nature of democracy seen in the example of the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development…

Tosamaidan- A zone of peace and resilience in Kashmir (India)

This case study describes and analyses a non-violent movement to save a Himalayan landscape of enormous ecological and livelihood importance,…


The decentralisation process coordinated by the five CSOs along with active citizens in the city is an inspiring example of…

Stories of Change – case studies on Development Action and Impact

Encouraging social sector organisations to invest in developing a grounded knowledge base

Tharangini – The Oldest Surviving Hand-Block Printing Studio in Bangalore

Tharangini works towards sustainability of the environment. This is commendable and desirable in other garment and dyeing factories.

Lakshmi Murmu Smriti Shishu Vidyalaya

The focus of work of the collective is on the adivasis and the marginalized caste groups residing in the hamlets…

Ecologies of Hope and Transformation: Post-Development Alternatives from India (2018)

The stories in the book challenge inequality, ecological damage, centralised governance, and the currently dominant model of development.

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