Traditional Knowledge
Ripples of Maharashtra – a fight for justice along the Malvan Coast

The fishing community along the Malvan advocates for the sustainable practices of traditional fishing used in this region.

How India’s First ‘Green Village’ Turned Hunters Into Conservationists

The hunters-turned-conservationists of Khonoma are continuing to cultivate their community-led approach to protecting their heritage.

Nature-based learning programmes improve environment and climate literacy in Chennai

Nature-based educators in the coastal city of Chennai are working to improve environment and climate literacy through outdoor, place-based programmes.

An Insight into Traditional Spitian Architecture

An individual seeks support from the community in terms of resources as well as labor so it is not unusual to have members of your family, relatives, friends, and other community members involved in building a house.

Nature’s Apprentice: A Gudalur Story

Adivasis of Gudalur create sustainable, dignified livelihoods and gain collective control over their commons, in the face of the modern economy.

A strain of music that has flourished in India for centuries is being silenced by communalism

Muslim jogis, who were once venerated for their singing powers, are being pushed to the margins.

मालधारी समुदाय की आजीविका बचाना जलवायु समेत कई संकटों का समाधान (In Hindi)

जलवायु परिवर्तन से संबंधित कार्रवाई करते समय उनका पारंपरिक ज्ञान वैज्ञानिक ज्ञान और अनुकूलन गतिविधियों को पर्याप्त रूप से समृद्ध कर सकता है

Pastoralism: A clarion call to save the Maldhari livelihood

Their traditional knowledge can substantively enrich scientific knowledge and adaptation activities when taking climate change-related actions

‘Our identity lies in these songs’: saving the music of India’s Biate

Goswami said the festival performance was just the beginning for the project, and the main focus was getting “this generational transfer of knowledge going once again”.