Health and Hygiene
Engaging with the Pandemic: Hope and Despair in five villages of Chhattisgarh

Koliyari was the only village that not only remembered the road to a self-dependent past but also agreed to tread such a path.

Environment and Ecology
The duo who revolutionized the folk culture of Rajasthan

An institute that set the ball rolling in the field of folklore, art and music in Rajasthan.

Economics and Technologies
Proto-Village: A Prototype of a Vikalp Economy

Each one can produce their food, is literate, can think mathematically, are environmentally responsible and physically fit

Economics and Technologies
How Sarmoli became a poster child of ecotourism in Uttarakhand

Maati Sangathan has directly or indirectly touched thousands of lives across the Gori river valley, and beyond

Environment and Ecology
Folk singer & orphans rejuvenate barren land

Students walk up to a hilltop, daily, and water the sapling planted the previous day before putting a new one into the soil.

Environment and Ecology
पेड़ लगानेवाली महिलाएं (in Hindi)

वनों की सुरक्षा के साथ आजीविका की सुरक्षा व पोषण व खाद्य सुरक्षा भी होगी

Economics and Technologies
A village is turning cow dung to electricity

Biogas from cow dung is locally converted into electricity, saving on power bills, preventing pollution of ponds and providing organic manure and clean electricity.

Economics and Technologies
Turning obstacle into opportunity in Tamil Nadu

Varadharajapuram village, which currently powers only its street lights, will soon save nearly Rs.1 lakh in electricity bills.

Environment and Ecology
The Indian urban forager is discovering flavours of edible weeds

Urban Indian foragers discover bursts of flavour in tangles of weeds as wild fritters, cutlets and soups become a delicious side effect of the lockdown.