Environment and Ecology

Environmental conservation and sustainability, respecting ecological integrity and limits

This section relates to initiatives that promote the principles of ecological integrity and limits. These are initiatives which envision models of decentralized conservation of land, water and biodiversity, based on a respect for both local and modern knowledge, and considering environment as an integral part of life and work. It also highlight attempts at linking livelihoods to ecological regeneration and restoration at local and landscape level. It will feature innovative attempts to deal with problems of pollution and waste. Overall, this section will try to work towards an understanding of the ecosystem which includes sociological, historical and geographical considerations while deciding on the path that local urban/ rural communities and the larger society take towards well-being.

DLRC, The Learning Farm!

Written specially for Vikalp Sangam DLRC, or DriveChange Learning and Resource Centre, is an intriguing and thriving progressive K-12…

અમારુ જંગલ આપીશું નહીં (in Gujarati)

"We've been conserving the forest for millennia. Even our songs are similar to the sounds of animals..."

Adivasis At COP 26: Our Worldviews Must Be Respected And Emulated To Ensure Climate Justice

"We were termed backward and inferior because of our worldview but now the world is waking up to its importance"- Archana Soreng

How Adivasis of one Jharkhand village are trying to preserve ethnomedicine

Local women expressed the need for documenting the knowledge of ethnomedical practices and feared that all this knowledge would disappear with their generation.

Ecological ‘holocaust’: Women saving India’s Western Ghats forest

A group of 27 women act as guardians of the rare ferns, tree-hugging mosses and thousands of other plants that may otherwise be lost forever

Using His Own Savings, Teacher Revives 22 Ancient & Neglected Lakes, Ponds

The effort has helped about 1,500 people access clean water from the freshly rejuvenated ponds and lakes

कहांडळ गवत व शिंदीच्या झाडांची किमया (in Marathi)

आपल्या कल्पना शक्तीच्या जोरावर भाकऱ्या ठेवण्यासाठी कुरकुला, पक्षांचे आकार, मंदिर, फुलदाणी, इंग्रज टोपी विणून एक नवीन प्रेरणा गावातील लोकांना दिली.

Farmer’s Share: Towards Dignified Rural Livelihoods

How an eco-conscious community in central Kerala creates and facilitates dignified rural livelihoods based on Gram Swaraj.

What can two imaginative minds create with Wild Grass and thorny tree?

Every plant, tree and even wild grass that seems useless, can enrich our lives, create livelihoods, replace store-bought plastic and be a source of pride.