Approaching Life Sustainably: Through the process lens

Let’s not shy away from understanding the full story behind what we consume.

India’s 2024 Election Results Should Spur a Renewed Movement Towards Justice, Equity, and Sustainability

From the perspective of the VSGA, which represent a wide section of the country’s regions and peoples, these results are a sign that Indian democracy is alive, kicking and maturing.

“Exploring the Rich Biodiversity & culture on 118 acres of Agricultural Landscape in Satara, Maharashtra, INDIA”

In the broader environmental assessment, the focus often centers on human expectations, but this review delves into narrower scopes, exploring human interactions with the natural world.

मिट्टी-बीज बचाने का अनोखा मेला (In Hindi)

बीजोत्सव में सुरक्षित व पौष्टिक खान-पान पर ज़ोर दिया जाता है।

Dharani: Towards Holistic Agriculture

Dharani Farming and Marketing Cooperative is a producer-owned and managed business enterprise of smallholder farmers located in Andhra Pradesh promoted by Timbaktu Collective

What Time is the Nomad?

Talking with Pabubhai, a nomadic pastoralist from the Rabari community in Kachchh, revealed the importance of time and temporality for his life and livelihood.

For The Love Of Trees: Kashmiri Man’s Lonely Quest Of Planting, Nurturing Chinars, Majestic Trees Of Valley

“My passion to plant trees is a testament to the love I have for my homeland and the responsibility I feel towards it,” says Abdul Ahad Khan.

Indigenous traditions honour muggers amidst modern challenges

Maange Thapnee ritual plays a pivotal role in shaping villagers’ perceptions of muggers, fostering a culture of tolerance towards these creatures.

Re-envisioning Riverscapes and Urban Riverfronts in India: Toward Ecological and Social Harmony

Rights of Nature is emerging as a governance approach for protecting our ecosystems and their inhabitants.