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Gandhi’s Constitution for a post-industrial civilization

Shriman Narayan Agarwal wrote Gandhi's Constitution (1945-46); the search for new 'economy of friendship', 'eco friendly appropriate technologies' was essential.

आदिवासी इतिहास का नया अध्याय (In Hindi)

भारत शायद विश्व के उन चुनिंदा देशों में है जहां जंगल-जमीन की स्वाधीनता और स्वायत्तता के सफल आंदोलनों का इतिहास - अकादमिक अथवा शैक्षणिक संस्थाओं में लगभग हाशिये पर है

A strain of music that has flourished in India for centuries is being silenced by communalism

Muslim jogis, who were once venerated for their singing powers, are being pushed to the margins.

मालधारी समुदाय की आजीविका बचाना जलवायु समेत कई संकटों का समाधान (In Hindi)

जलवायु परिवर्तन से संबंधित कार्रवाई करते समय उनका पारंपरिक ज्ञान वैज्ञानिक ज्ञान और अनुकूलन गतिविधियों को पर्याप्त रूप से समृद्ध कर सकता है

Pastoralism: A clarion call to save the Maldhari livelihood

Their traditional knowledge can substantively enrich scientific knowledge and adaptation activities when taking climate change-related actions

IPCC author Aditi Mukherji on energy transition in agriculture and water security

Mukherji discusses the low emission pathways in the water-energy-food nexus, the importance of matching the right crops to the right regions and the need for context-specific understanding of groundwater use.

Secular Theology of Religions

This essay explores the possibility of re-formulating a secular theology of religion in the contemporary context of violence, violation, and virulence in the name of religion. 

India Budget 2023: Green only in name?

All economic activity must be regenerative, in that it sustains the ecological and socio-cultural conditions it depends on for a thriving society

Rethinking participation

A reflection on the prospects and potential for communities and their natural resources in the light of their own traditions, inner character and the forces impinging upon them.