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Mapping hope and inspiration: Towards a just, sustainable, equitable society, by Ashish Kothari, published by Wall Street International magazine, 13 August 2021.

The material on this website provides an exciting glimpse of the counter-narratives to mainstream development, politics and economics in the country. The map is intended to provide readers, researchers, students and practitioners with a user-friendly tool to navigate through this material. Since the scale of many of these initiatives is small, they go unnoticed; the website and specifically the map hope to ‘visibilise’ these invisible efforts by ‘ordinary’ people across the country. Aug. 2021.


Condemning the new farm laws, Vikalp Sangam urges the government to help the country move towards a more sustainable, regenerative and diverse agricultural system. Published by Inclusive Media for Change on Dec 5, 2020 (


आदिवासी जानते हैं स्वाद और पौष्टिकता (in Hindi)

लेखक बाबा मायाराम. प्रकाशक सर्वोदय प्रेस सर्विस. 9 दिसंबर 2016.

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