Videos on Alternatives

Videos on initiatives of an Alternative nature created for Vikalp Sangam or other processes

Videos on initiatives of an Alternative nature created for Vikalp Sangam or other processes

Ahimsa Conversation with Anantanand Rambachan

Anantanand Rambachan explains how the divinity of all forms of life is the core of Hinduism and how this forms the basis of the concept of nonviolence.

Traditional House Restoration in Ladakh

This short video highlights the importance of using local and sustainable methods and materials for construction.

A Standoff- Shepherding and the Van Panchayats of Uttarakhand

The story of Khushal and Beena Nitwal, who are right-holders of the Shankhadhura Van Panchayat in Munsiari highlights two seemingly opposing perspectives.

Feminist Khyati Shree ने बताया Patriarchal समाज में महिलाओं की क्या Freedom होनी चाहिए? (In Hindi)

द मूकनायक के साथ साक्षात्कार में फेमिनिस्ट ख्याति श्री ने आज के पितृसत्तात्मक समाज में महिलाओं की इन स्वतंत्रताओं को बताया जरूरी...

The Sowa-Rigpa medical tradition (In Hindi)

सोवा रिग्पा चिकित्सा प्रणाली की उत्पत्ति और स्थानीय पौधों के बारे में इसके द्वारा संरक्षित गहन ज्ञान पर एक बातचीत

Ruza, a traditional water harvesting system for the water-scarce mountains

It is a communal practice with the water shared among families and an integrated form of farming comprising forestry, horticulture, agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry.

Indigenous Farmers to Revive Millet cultivation in Kanthalloor

Twenty-five farmers from indigenous communities in Kanthalloor in Kerala are sowing millets with renewed vigour.

Ripples of Maharashtra – a fight for justice along the Malvan Coast

The fishing community along the Malvan advocates for the sustainable practices of traditional fishing used in this region.

Fight with Care [Ambedkar Jayanti]

FIGHT WITH CARE brings you the voices of fisherwomen who maintain this delicate ecosystem through everyday acts of care.