Swaraj Jail University, Udaipur

By Manish JainonAug. 10, 2019in Learning and Education

The film features the highly innovative Swaraj Jail University based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. It is a space for the learner-inmates to connect to their deeper purpose and passion. This project was initiated in October 2018. Thanks to facilitators core team: Diken Patel, Indira Talreja, Monu Kushwaha, Priyank Kashyap and Manish Jain. All the music has been written and sung by the learner-inmates themselves – Parmeshwar Bhai and Judge Bhai. More music videos on the Jail University Musicians youtube channel. Film by Sanjay Maharishi and Govind Kharol. Film produced by the Indian Multiversities Alliance (www.multiversities.net) and Shikshantar Films (www.shikshantar.org). We welcome your involvement in the project.

The Swaraj Jail University was started in 2018 by Shikshantar Andolan, Art of Living, Gandhi Ashram – Moved by Love, Navgurukul, Edible Routes Foundation and the Udaipur Central Jail inmates and staff.

First published by Manish Jain on 8 Aug. 2019

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