alternative education
Why a community-run Gondi-language school in Gadchiroli is a revolutionary step

It is a symbol of the resolve of the local Gond community to uphold their culture within the bounds of the Constitution, despite official neglect.

The hills are alive with the songs of change

How Sahyadri School KFI is nourishing alternatives in education to revive students’ connections to the land

Realising the essence of the Sarvodaya ideal

He found countless ways to defy the constraints imposed by soulless systems by creating alternative paths that gave meaning and joy to a wide range of people

Teaching Them Young: This Not-For-Profit Organization In Delhi Offers ‘Farm-Based’ Learning For Children

Integrating farming and composting with the existing learning method, at the school level, to provide a productive and work-based pedagogical approach to children.

A School of One’s Own 

Manzil Learning Center is reimagining education and accessibility through democratizing decision making spaces.

क्या जैव विविधता राजनीति विज्ञान की शिक्षक बन सकती है? (In Hindi)

एक खोज - स्थानीय जैव विविधता में स्थापित शिक्षा कैसे मनुष्यों के बीच समानता, विविधता और समावेशिता के मूल्यों को गहरा कर सकती है|

अवसाद को कम करता है पक्षी संगीत (In Hindi)

प्रकृति को निहारना, पक्षियों को देखना, उनकी आवाजें सुनना सुकून व शांति देता है।

Emancipation through Education: Movement for Scavenger Community

Eradication of caste violence and discriminatory attitude towards the scavenger community by facilitating leadership education.

Nature-based learning programmes improve environment and climate literacy in Chennai

Nature-based educators in the coastal city of Chennai are working to improve environment and climate literacy through outdoor, place-based programmes.