Swaraj Jail University, Udaipur

It is a space for the learner-inmates to connect to their deeper purpose and passion.

रोपट्याचं करिअर काऊन्सलिंग ! (in Marathi)

बनू नकोस, तू फक्त 'हो' ... तू तर पूर्णच आहेस तुला फक्त व्यक्त व्हायचंय. (Don't become, just 'be'...)

A Journey of Re-imagining Education: Interview with Manish Jain

Alternative education means learning from Life, not from textbooks, exams and classrooms.

The Slow Food Junior Chef’s Academy Summer Camp

"You use hing (asophetida) in your cooking, but do you know what it actually is? No? Then go and find…

Offering Learning Experiences to Children

Training is given in such a way as to develop varied talents – be it music, painting, dance, farming or…

On observation and What Prevents Observation

What we do with our children is to make bonsai out of them and not to let them grow to…

What is Learning?

'Learning in its true sense ... invites us to relate to the other with respect and not to conquer. Learning…

How do I explain Un-Schooling to skeptics?

Dola Dasgupta is an unschooling mother of two children and a co-founder of Swashikshan–Indian Association of Homeschoolers. Swashikshan is a…

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