Glimpses of Kachchh Vikalp Sangam

By Ashish KotharionJul. 31, 2016inSociety, Culture and Peace

All photos by the author

Some glimpses of the just-concluded Vikalp Sangam in Kachchh, 27-30 July, organised by local groups and individuals with help from Kalpavriksh.

Opening session of Kachchh Vikalp Sangam, near Bhuj

Tree planting to create a Vikalp Sangam grove, on Jai Sanghvi’s farm (Sangam venue)

Geology and natural history walk during Sangam

Ghanibhai, a Maldhari, showing his vast knowledge of local species and their uses

Painted grasshopper, what a creature!

Salim Node, a Maldhari elder, regaled us with some v. cutting remarks about city-dwellers’ abysmal lack of knowledge re. nature!

Kachchh Vikalp Sangam included learning about local crafts from craftspersons: loom weaving, block printing, music/ghazals, mud block making

Kachchh’s amazing women power was much in evidence at the Sangam, including women sarpanches, Sakhi Sangini members, and others

Bhuj town councillor, one of those pro-active with governance initiatives

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