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Press Release: 25 Organisations Meet to Discuss Development Alternatives in India

About 40 members of 25 organisations from 12 states of India met at Farmer’s Share, Shoranur, as the General Assembly of the Vikalp Sangam.

Vikalp Sangam in Kerala

Badhalukal 2017, the Kerala Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence) was held on 10-12 April, 2017, at Bodhigram, north of Thiruvananthipuram. Some images from the Kerala VS, organised by ISDG, Chalakkudy River Protection Samithi, Kalpavriksh, Shanthigram, Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi, Sabarmathi Foundation, Darsanam, Thanal, and Bodhigram.

Glimpses of Kachchh Vikalp Sangam

The sixth Vikalp Sangam gathering was organised at Bhuj by local groups and individuals ...

The language of diversity

Adivasi Academy, a learning institute, is a must visit place for one to learn the importance of language and cultural diversity of our country.

Can Environment and Development go together?

Are there alternative ways of meeting human needs and aspirations, without trashing the earth and without leaving half of humanity behind?

Confluence of hope: Converging for a better world

... the vision and processes of Vikalp Sangam, a movement that seeks to bring together a multitude of grassroots initiatives that are exploring alternative, inclusive and sustainable paths to human well-being.

Vikalp Sangam Posters: Ideas and Initiatives

A set of posters photographically narrating the idea of Vikalp Sangam through examples in various catagories is exhibited at every Vikalp Sangam gathering.