Millets should be in PDS, says lobby

On the MiNI's national campaign to bring millets (which are nutritious and suit India's agro-climatic conditions) into the PDS.

Sowing the seeds of Swaraj

“(Traditional) seeds have a treasure of past experience inbuilt. They are accustomed to vagaries of nature, while the modern seeds are yet to learn...

Thanks to Zaheerabad, Nagaland ‘rediscovers’ millets

The North East Network revived millet farming in the village, and organised a millets festival on August 30 this year, attended by women farmers fr...

Biodiversity spot brought about in a fortnight

... and this Sunday, the 26th of July, i.e just in 15 days, the lake is full of water with fishes, tadpoles, snakes, insects, birds and there are l...

Weather Wise

Its areal view even shows you the condition of clouds in your area.

The Man Who Is Using Cameras To Revolutionize Agriculture In India

Farmers become video filmmakers, which is turning them into more productive farmers and more confident human beings.

PhotoStop: ‘Organic’ reach at Fair Trade Alliance Kerala’s Seed Fest 2015

The 5th Fair Trade Alliance Kerala Seed Fest saw organic farmers from Kerala showcase their produce and share how beneficial organic farming can be.

Ploughing on

The NGO Kudumbam has focused on the development of the rural family and sustainable farming since its establishment in 1982

A one-stop Store for Millets

An assortment of great millet, finger millet, sorghum, ragi, korra, and a host of other coarse grains are now available for the health conscious. G...

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