Rural Architecture
An Insight into Traditional Spitian Architecture

An individual seeks support from the community in terms of resources as well as labor so it is not unusual to have members of your family, relatives, friends, and other community members involved in building a house.

How Assam’s Mising community is coping with floods through architectural design

Architectural innovations are helping the community adapt to the annual flood hazard and reduce disaster risk in some of the region’s most flood-prone areas.

In Ahmedabad, women act to make slums climate-resilient, one house at a time

“We focus on the 4 prevalent stresses of the slums - heat stress, floods, vector-borne diseases, and water scarcity,”

More people should use this zero sewage discharge toilet

Main advantages include - Needs barely 5-6 l of water, No solid waste output, Only colourless, odourless liquid is output

Experiencing the Banni through Hodka

Shaam-e-Sarhad is a small enterprise, promoting niche tourism as opposed to mass tourism that focuses on the heritage of the Banni area.

Conserving Sacred Spaces: Kanchendzonga Conservation Committee, Sikkim

Yuksom was the first village in Sikkim to ban the use of bags and bottles made of plastic in 1996. KCC's involvement has been absolutely critical in ensuring an organised, balanced approach towards ecotourism.

With 35 Rupees, he chose to save lives

Dr. Pawan has been saving villagers' lives through a hand-washing device (costing just Rs.35), involving all age groups.

Built to last

A Rajasthan village has cylindrical houses that help people cope with extreme weather events