Dear Friend, Soul-fi to you! We believe this email finds you hail and hearty. The past one year has been reflective and challenging both. In a world that is consumed by algorithms, hashtags, and followers, the need for human connection was deeply missed. We at Contact Improvisation India and Swaraj University took the previous year […]

The State of Elections: webinar

Online Event

Curious to know how state elections will shape our national democracy? Join in the webinar on 4th April, 2021, from 6pm onwards Panelists: Apoorv Tiwary, Kanksshi Agarwal, Parth Mn., Sweta Daga To Register:

The role and relevance of inner work: Online module

Online Event

One’s inner life remains as present but often neglected. Material science, over the years, has developed at a lightning pace while the science of the spirit has lagged behind. The language to articulate and understand one’s inner self (that includes one’s emotions, feelings, imagination, values, etc.) remains in the confines of artists and scientists. Yet […]