Vimukt Shiksha Yatra: A Virtual Learning Journey Exploring Reclaiming Gift Culture

“Sarita kare na paan, vriksh na fal chaakhe kadi Khet na khave dhaan, parhit neepjey sekhra (Mewari proverb - translation - The river never drinks its own water. The tree never tastes its own fruit. The field never consumes its own harvest. They selflessly strive for the well-being of all those around them.)” These times […]

Satsangam Yartra 2022 – Transformational Journey into the Rural and Tribal India

Do you wish to explore how inner and outer transformation go hand in hand? Are you willing to understand and enquire into the philosophies of Gandhi and Vinobha through leaders who lived life on their ideals? Do you wish to experience village and tribal life and see the world through their lens? Come join us for the 4th edition of Satsangam Yatra to: Understand yourself - your […]

Punyache Paani, Living Waters Museum

Punyache Paani celebrates the waters of Pune which were once revered for their sweet taste and unique properties. The online exhibition traces Pune's water heritage from early systems for storing (wells) and transporting water (aqueducts) to pipelines and ecological and public health challenges. It is a huge collaborative effort with diverse partners from across this bustling […]

DocuLab: Developing Documentaries

DocuLab: Developing Documentaries6-15 April : Online Session21-25 April : Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur About the workshop:Often, documentary making can be a lonely exercise considering that the one who is passionate about an idea works on it from its development to shooting to fundraising. In this workshop, we intend to help young people identify their role in […]

Sutra Mandali on Laws and Policies on Livelihoods! 

Online Event

We would like to invite you to join our Sutra Mandali on Laws and Policies on Livelihoods!In this virtual session, we are trying to gauge how different groups have used acts, policies and schemes to help enable dignity of livelihood for the people they work alongside, and what are the next steps for the future […]

Sutra Mandali on Women Farmers Collective

Online Event

Dear All, We are really happy to announce our latest Sutra Mandali on Women Farmers Collective that deep dives into how women collectives as a virtual activity in the World Social Forum from 1-6th May!  Topic: Sutra Mandali on Women Farmers Collective Time: 3:30 am FJT | 9:00 pm IST | 3:30 pm GMT | 10:30 am CDT Date: […]

Theater Production based on Kalpavriksh Children’s book: The Ghost of the Mountains!

Julley! We are excited to announce a play staged by Gillo Repertory Theatre, based on one of our children’s books ‘The Ghost of the Mountains’. #TakeAChildToTheTheatre this Summer. Join Gillo Repertory Theatre at the staging of *THE GHOST OF THE MOUNTAINS* A story from Ladakh Based on a book by Sujatha Padmanabhan Directed by Shaili […]

In Search of Alternatives to Development: Ubuntu and Development in South Africa

Online Event

While the word “development” usually has positive connotations, there have been many critiques of the concept and its application. One of the most prominent of such critiques is advanced by post-development thinkers who argue that the ideas and practices associated with development wrongly assume the universal validity and viability of Western values and ways of […]

Inlaks Shivdasani Fellowship for Social Engagement 

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation (ISF) has introduced the Inlaks Shivdasani Fellowship for Social Engagement. In its maiden year, ISF will award 6 fellowships to talented young individuals in India. Fellows will be supported to work with a mentor of their choice on a socially relevant theme and contribute to issues of public importance (such as grassroots […]

Applications invited for Bhoomi Fellowship 2022

Dear Friends Greetings from Bhoomi College! The pandemic has made it clear to all of us the interconnectedness between human and planetary health is undeniable. The goal for us as humanity now is to respect the systems in nature that make human wellbeing and ecological well being possible. And to do this, as David Orr […]