Malkha: The Freedom Fabric

Malkha is rooted in scaling up sustainable, ecologically friendly formats of processing cotton and yarn and seeks the ultimate goal of linking producers directly to buyers.

Weaving a revolution, one piece at a time

The malkha process explores an alternative to the present situation where both farmers and weavers are dependent on spinning mills, a way in which both farmers and weavers could benefit from each other, and in which spinning could also become a rural occupation. It is the missing link in a fully rural cotton textile industry using local raw material and local skills. Not only would it create more employment, the links between farming and local production would strengthen rural society both socially and politically.

The key to the handloom crisis

By placing all components of textile production in the hands of weavers and artisans, the Malkha intervention seeks to make them autonomous owners of their means of livelihood.