This Family Did Not Send Their Children to School, but Taught Them by Creating a Forest

They built check-dams in the watershed, dug percolation-pits and mulched heavily to prevent soil erosion and to conserve water.

Farmers Are Building Food Forests to Fight Climate Change, Agrarian Crisis

Mimicking forests, farmers across India have started transforming farms into a layered cropping system - climate resilient and more productive.

Green Toilet in my backyard

Ecosan (short for ecological sanitation) toilets are improved versions of old dry toilets that do not demand water for flushing

रावसाहेब दगडकर : सहज सुलभ नैसर्गिक शेती (in Marathi)

रासायनिक शेतीपद्धतीमधील वाढत्या उत्पादन खर्चाने पोळलेल्या रावसाहेब दगडाकारांनी १९९० साली त्यांची ११० एकर शेत-जमीन नैसर्गिक शेतीखाली आणली. (Story in Marathi)