Ecotourism in Uttarakhand: pioneer Manohar Singh Manral (conversation in Hindi)

लोग सोचें कि जंगली जानवर मेरे ही खेत में आ जाएं !

Sikkim sees surge in butterfly biodiversity

What do farms have to do with butterflies?

Community-based Tourism in Pawalgarh

Ecotourism leads the way for conservation and better livelihood opportunities for local youth

A People’s Manifesto for the Western Himalayas Mountain region, April 2019

outlines a region-specific strategy for inclusive, ecologically sound development that takes into account the fragility of the landscape.

A campus habitat for butterflies

College Students plan to use their expertise to create more Butterfly parks on other campuses.

The Nawabs Of Garo Hills (eco-tourism in Meghalaya)

Samrakshan’s Meghalaya field-base had undertaken community-based conservation programmes in the landscape for the last few years but our latest attempt was a community-based ecotourism programme with multiple goals. -