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Statement and Appeal on Ladakh’s Demands for Constitutional Safeguards

People of Ladakh demand Constitutional measures enabling them to protect their land, culture, environment and the economic interests.

एकता की एकांत ग्रामीण परिदृश्य (लैंडस्केप) में उद्यम की यात्रा (In Hindi)

एक गाँव की उद्यमिता को नीचे से बनाने में समुदाय और नेटवर्किंग की भूमिका

Ekta’s journey in the lonely landscape of a rural entrepreneur

The role of networking and community in building a business bottom-up

Hakki Pikki: The global nomads of Karnataka 

The Hakki Pikkis are an entrepreneurial community. Theirs is an economy of subsistence and the marginalised. Their trade networks do not conform to the known notions of the ‘poor’.

Nature’s Apprentice: A Gudalur Story

Adivasis of Gudalur create sustainable, dignified livelihoods and gain collective control over their commons, in the face of the modern economy.