Wild About Plants

By Golak KhandualonMay. 04, 2015inEnvironment and Ecology

I like the thought of green spreading all over our little planet. In fact I am wild about it. I dream and fantasize about it. If it was in my power I would grow green on every available patch of soil. If there was not enough surface left I would grow them in pots and pans that one could hang from any available structure– window frames, television antennae, lamp posts, metro tracks, traffic lights. If worse comes to worst, one could even invest some energy in aquatic green. Forgive me for this overdose of loopy enthusiasm. But I know it’s possible if we are all truly interested. You can see examples of nature taking over right here; in this big city. She quietly paints things green when we look away. It could be an abandoned building, an unattended communication tower, or even a municipal garbage dump, it could happen anywhere. Because that is how strong nature’s desire is. I entirely and wholeheartedly side with her obsession.

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Illustrations were done by the author and the photographs by Pradip Krishen.

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First published in 2007 by ITC Hotels in their house magazine called ‘Namaste’ and then republished in their Best of 30 Years’ issues in 2012.

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