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Resources for Food & Water: Alternative Products & Services

  1. Annadata – Citizens Movement for Safe Food is a (Pune based) citizen-driven, expert-guided, voluntary movement formed with a mission is to create Awareness about Safe food and make it available to all. (checkedk on 21 Nov. 2018)

  2. Ajam Emba – The first Jharkhandi traditional restaurant in Ranchi. They offer traditionally made marwah momo, desi chicken , red rice, phutkal chutney and many more goodies. (checked on 7 Dec. 2020)

  3. Organic Mandi, based in Pune, helps organic farmers start their own packaging and branding, and then connects them to end consumers. With no middlemen, farmers get better prices and consumers get genuine organic products, without burning a hole in their pocket. (checked on 27 Mar.  2020)

  4. Sahaja Samrudha Rice Calendar 2019 reveals the richness of Rice Diversity prevailing in India. Pick a rice variety and cook it, using the mouth-watering recipes it provides. (checked on 19 Dec. 2018)

  5. Go Earth organic food products (checked on 8 Aug. 2018)

  6. Navdanya organic food and vegetable outlets. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  7. Nimai Garden has collections of heirloom , open – pollinated, natural, traditional, organic vegetable seeds. (checked on 10 Aug. 2016)

  8. The Farming Monk (owned by farmers) offers traditional varieties of food-grains and vegetables. C/o BAIF, a Pune-based non-profit organisation. (checked on 20 Dec. 2019)

  9. SVAD (Sittilingi Valley Agricultural Development supported by Tribal Health Initiative of Tamil Nadu) sells  25 organic farm products in various cities in south India. (checked on 18 Jan. 2017)

  10. Bhoomi Ka is a non-profit that helps people access clean, green and fair produce.  It operates in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odhisha and Delhi with special focus in the cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar and Jamshedpur. (checked on 5 Dec. 2017)

  11. Association of India’s development (AID)’s directory to organic food outlets in India (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  12. Gorus organic food association that provides organic grocery products. Also provides fresh vegetables in Pune. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  13. MeraFarmer – Organic / Naturally grown, Fresh farm produce directly procured from Farmers is home delivered in Pune. (checked on 15 May 2018)

  14. Green Goa Works, Mapusa, offers organic food and other products. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  15. BioBasics organic store in Coimbatore offers fresh organic produce to the customer at his door with a time lag of just half a day to one day from the time it is harvested. This venture is fair to both the farmer and the customer. Read article The taste of good health on this initiative. (checked on 18 Aug. 2015)

  16. Himjoli sells culinary products made by a cluster of NGOs in Uttarakhand. (checked on 17 Dec. 2015)

  17. Go Organic Life (Chennai-based store, selling garments, health and home-care products on-line) offers authentic and consistent, organic products. Groceries are delivered in Chennai only. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  18. Sahaja Aharam sells pest-free organic certified products from seeds, vegetables, cereals, spices, pulses, grains, sourced directly from the farmers. (checked on 13 Jul. 2018)

  19. Organic food outlets across India compiled by India for Safe Food. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  20. Sankalpa seeks to answer the question “How do we tune children into healthy eating?” and offers workshops on healthy kitchen for parents and teachers. Bengaluru-based initiative. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  21. Organic Certified Honey offered by Under the Mango Tree. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  22. Aarohi herbs are unique for their culinary flavours. They are organically cultivated above 6000 ft, hand-picked, shade dried and packed in whole leaf form to preserve maximum fragrance and colour. The growers are supported by Aarohi, a grassroots organisation involved in integrated rural development in the Central Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. (checked on 16 Dec. 2015)

  23. List of 
India published by India for Safe Food. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  24. Bangalore Sulins – Sustainable Living in Bangalore – offers various sustainable food products and services. (checked on 3 Aug. 2015)

  25. Vanastree seeds and products  Vanastree is a women-run seed saving collective in the Malnad region of the Western Ghats and a facilitator for the production of quality organic seeds and products. (checked on 20 Jan. 2017)

  26. Malnad Seeds – a community seed saving initiative facilitated by Vanastree. Open pollinated, organic, heirloom seeds. (checked on 2 Sept. 2019)

  27. Eliodomestico is a solar household desalination still with the ability to collect about five liters of water a day from salt water, and costs less than $50 to build. The design is open source. The device consists of two ceramic pieces that sit on top of one another. Within the top piece is a black container into which the salt water is deposited. The sun heats the container of water, turning the water into steam. The pressure then builds until the steam is forced into a tube and is deposited into a container, where the water then cools, condenses and collects in the basin. (checked on 18 Apr. 2016)

  28. OneNature Waste Development (OWD) is technology using which waste is recomposed and not decomposed, for Sanitation, Water Cleaning and Harvesting, and River Cleaning, preventing water and soil pollution. (Editorial comment: The Alternatives framework is based on the idea of shared knowledge which is accessible to all, in light of which patents could be problematic in so far as they privatise knowledge. This is however not a comment on the usefulness of the technology itself.) (checked on 16 Mar. 2016)

  29. Eat with it and then Eat it! Edible cutlery by Bakeys is a perfect alternative to harmful cutlery, it is not only environmentally safe but also enriched with nutritious ingredients. (checked on 18 Dec. 2018)

  30. The Honey Bee Network pools the solutions developed by people across the world in different sectors; it links people and ideas. It also pools and links both formal and informal science and scientists. (checked on 1 Feb. 2019)
  31. Farmveda giftpacks – from a collective of over 25,000 + farmers working together across 3 districts in and around Andhra Pradesh. (checked on 5 Dec. 2019)

  32. Leap Club is a curated marketplace for ethical and earth friendly products. They list businesses that are transparent about their social, health & environmental impact of their products and share this information with consumers in an easy to understand manner, to help them understand the impact of their current consumption choices and help them find better alternatives. (checked on 10 Jan. 2020)

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