On November 21, more than four months after the Indian government rolled out the Goods and Services Tax, nearly 600 people assembled at ADA Rangamandira, one of Bengaluru’s oldest auditoriums, to be a part of a unique protest against the tax. They had all come to watch a play.

A Kannada musical called Taayavva, written and directed by renowned theatre artist and social activist Prasanna, was part of the ongoing Tax Denial Satyagraha, a nearly two-month-long protest in Karnataka spearheaded by the Graam Seva Sangh against GST.

The agitators’ primary demand is that there should be no tax on all handmade products in the country, and their larger argument is that there cannot be a common tax for a country as unequal as India. Following a padayatra, or march, across the state and a hunger strike, the Sangh had decided it was time to stage a play.