How a Spring Revival Scheme in India’s Sikkim Is Defeating Droughts

51 springs and four lakes in 20 drought-prone Gram Panchayats of Sikkim have been revived so far

Budget beyond gender

Women are not considered farmers despite their active participation in farming in rural India. A gender responsive budget is essential to empower w...

Chetna Andolan's "Best Ecologist Award 2016"

Participants were judged on their ability to cut grass without harming other plants, and on their knowledge of the forest.

Usha, dawn of hope and dignity

The Usha Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. is not just a bank but a life-changing platform for nearly 23 thousand sex workers in Kolkata

The Chizami model of development

How women in a remote Nagaland village are bringing about transformation rooted in traditional Naga practices

It takes two to keep this dying tradition alive

The Mandri is made of natural materials and is thick enough to serve as a light mattress.

Waterman: Women panchayats can solve water crisis

Since 2011, village women have independently formed panchayats and are also working on an individual level with 'Jal Sahelis' (water's friend)

Dang women find route to empowerment through the stomach

A regular diner said he visits Dang every month just to eat at Nahri. “This food is not available anywhere else and the women serve it like a mother."

In the lion's den: The Indian women who answer cat calls

For women forest guards working in India's Gir sanctuary, the only home to Asiatic lions, protecting and rescuing big cats is all in a day's work.

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