Course helps Gadchiroli tribals know their forest rights — and win a diploma

Learning how to measure their land, mark boundaries, draw up lists of forest produce and plan secure livelihoods based on these.

The Search For Radical Alternatives: Key Elements And Principles

This could be a powerful new movement to provide some light at the end of what currently seems a very dark passage through which India is moving.

हमारे गाव में हम ही सरकार (in Hindi)

मेंढ़ा-लेखा ... विकल्पहीन होती जा रही दुनिया में विकल्प और उम्मीद की किरण बनकर सामने आया है।

Mendha Lekha residents gift all their farms to Gram Sabha

The Gram Sabha of Mendha Lekha village in Gadchirolli district in Maharashtra has done away with private ownership of agricultural land using the Maharashtra Gram Dan Act 1964. The intent is to further strenghthen the gram sabha by moving towards community ownership of land.

Localise to save the world! Lessons from Mendha Lekha

The recent economic crises and the powercut affecting huge swathes of South India, both point to the need to localise the economy at least for basic needs. Here are some stories related to Mendha Lekha village in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra

Community-led conservation in India

Communities can conserve forests and make a living out of it. Then why is the government playing spoilsport?