The ‘Real’ Kerala Story: Tales of Communal Harmony From Ground Zero

Temples and churches hosting Iftar parties and Nabi Dinam, blending of the azaan with temple bells, Muslims helping Hindu families – all these instances add to the state’s already rich traditions.

Manipur: a statement of concern and suggestions for peaceful resolution

Our response to the Manipur crisis is based on the fundamental principles of peace and of the wellbeing of all people and of the earth and all its life.

First person: In the battle to reclaim Hinduism from Hindutva, a pilgrimage of love

“The rise of populist nationalism, and especially those versions that clothe themselves in religious colours, requires a critique from the same religious traditions,” Anantanand Rambachan

A strain of music that has flourished in India for centuries is being silenced by communalism

Muslim jogis, who were once venerated for their singing powers, are being pushed to the margins.

Reimagining Cities

Imagining a future where every city and its citizens claim a deep connection with its surroundings, history, knowledge systems and the commons.