KASKOM: Revival of Desi Cotton

Kaskom - connecting the Khadi people across the country to work with Indigenous (desi) cotton.

How to create an Oasis

They are replacing the invasive species - gando babool - with mixed varieties of native seeds that can withstand heavy /normal /low rainfall

Goodwill gestures?

Everyone wants to help victims of natural calamities. But the best help for those who survive is respect. And a listening ear.

A bridge not too far

Urban Setu in Bhuj, Kachchh, is a civil society initiative to empower citizens and bridge the governance gap between them and the administration

In a Quake’s Wake, Hunnarshala Builds Homes — and Entrepreneurs

Today, more than a decade after the Gujarat disaster, Hunnarshala has come a long way. One of the goals of its founders was to retain a community feel — a potentially challenging task in an area where caste is a key issue and it is easy to get mired in sectional disputes and attempts to corner the assistance available. But Hunnarshala has managed to stay out of caste controversies.