carbon footprint
Students of Kochi school prepare carbon-neutral feast

The students avoided chemicals and the use of electronic objects that harm the ozone layer, while they promoted homestead farming.

Wealthy Indians Must Eat Differently from Those Whose Rights They Defend

Would we acknowledge that the costs of a mutton biryani, that we are tempted to order occasionally, are too high?

Delhi Metro is second-most unaffordable in world: CSE

"... the public transport system needs to be made more attractive and reliable so that it can be used for door to door mobility"

Maharashtra’s toy train stations turn green

The solar electric supply will result in savings of Rs. 2.07 lakh per year on the power bill, besides reducing its carbon footprint.

Selfless quest for sustainability

Pune City based group to organise convergence on Sunday about reducing carbon footprint, sustainable living and more

The choir that sings out of tune

There can be small beginnings. For instance, people can cycle to their offices instead of using cars, and offices can frame a policy to buy and eat only what is grown locally.

A Subaltern View of Climate Change

For those earning more than Rs 30,000 pm to become sustainable their total emissions would have to be halved ...