Wrong Theory

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Author: Girish Abhyankar, rewritten by Ajey Hardeekar
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Synopsis: We blame social or life problems, such as price-rise, unemployment, inequality, terrorism, aggression, violence, etc. on mismanagement by the governance-system: politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, the judiciary, etc. and on population growth. (Despite them), we are expected to rest assured; scientists and technologists will have a solution to every problem in the near future. The media keeps reporting on pollution, global warming, water and energy crises, and so on.

But we can go green – use renewable energy, reuse, recycle and save the earth! …

What are the real objectives of using technology? What costs does human society bear, in terms of efforts put in and possible harm, for the claimed benefits of technology? Are the claimed benefits serving the real objectives?    Can there be technologies that serve the intended objectives at very low costs, in terms of efforts put in and possible harm, while also sustaining the benefits for our future generations? This book is an attempt at a unified theory addressing questions on appropriateness and cost of technology and related issues, the emerging philosophical aspects concerning human life and, finally, a case-study.

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