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By R. AvadhanionMar. 16, 2015in Food and Water

The site will feature initiatives in various fields

The Deccan Development Society (DDS), an NGO based in the (Medak) district (of Andhra Pradesh) and working on improving the standard of living of farming community as its motto, has taken up another initiative.

Along with Kalpavriksh, Shikshantar and Bhoomi College, the DDS has established Vikalp Sangam / Alternatives India, a website dedicated to the creative work that people across India are doing as alternatives to the current models of destructive development and self-promoting governance.

The site will feature initiatives in the fields of sustainable agriculture, pastoralism and fisheries, community health and learning, decentralised governance, social justice, dignified and sustainable livelihoods, decentralised water and energy production, equitable access to social services, producer and consumer control of the market, creative media and arts in the service of sustainability and justice, and democratic conservation.

Case studies

The site covers stories, case studies, perspectives, events, and resources on the above; it will also be linked to one or more discussion forums. Initiatives covered will feature on a map of India.

As far as possible, contact details of those involved in these initiatives will be provided to enable people-to-people contact. Most importantly, the site enables anyone to contribute material on initiatives they are familiar with or working on.

Site name

One can visit or to have further details.

“This is aimed to promote creative works done by people across India. Not only that, anyone can contribute about their initiatives,” said a DDS representative.

First published in The Hindu

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