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Farmers of Paradshinga village of Nagpur district have only to think of the weather on a visit to the local market at any time in the day – and they instantaneously get the updated local weather forecast!

No, they don’t have to spare the time to ask someone, nor do they need to be internet savvy. They simply glance at a blackboard displayed at a prominent place to read the latest weather forecast. It’s very helpful, saving them unnecessary wastage of labour, cattle, and crops, as they can wisely plan their farming activities like sowing and  harvesting.

Accuweather shows global weather satellite information with about 90% accuracy. Its aerial view even shows you the condition of clouds in your area. In order to make this information freely and widely available, some net-savvy children of this village have launched this smart initiative.

You, too, can empower the farmers in your locality through youngsters by having them display weather information at a central location. Do ensure that farmers you know have access to this information, and if you don’t know any, then befriend a farmer as he is the person you need at least three times a day…

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The kids participating in the initiative:
Vednath: 9630713036
Navkesh: 8358808946
Adarsh: 8878210984
Parth: 8349921208
Ganesh: 9179559655

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