A Panel Discussion on ‘Wastewater: a curse or an untapped resource?’

By ATREE BangaloreonMar. 23, 2017in Perspectives

A panel discussion on the potential of recycling wastewater in urban regions

ATREE celebrated World Water Day (Mar 23, 2017, 3:45 pm) with this panel discussion

In the midst of failing rains, drought and socio-political conflicts over rivers, many Indian cities are facing a looming water crisis. As populations increase in cities with depleting and over stressed water resources, there is growing concern over how to meet the water needs of Indian cities. Authorities continue in their attempts to meet the burgeoning demand by drilling more borewells or by increasing the import of water from distant sources.

As these options are exhausted or mired in conflict, there has been a considerable interest in wastewater recycling as it can address the twin problems of water pollution and scarcity in the city. However, there are several infrastructural, institutional and social barriers to wastewater recycling.

This panel discussion was on these challenges and potential solutions to help cities transition to a “circular water economy”.

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