Vikalp Sutra: Covid-19 Relief Resources

By Vikalp Sutra team of Vikalp SangamonMay. 24, 2021in Health and Hygiene

Vikalp Sutra was initiated (in June 2020) out of the Vikalp Sangam process as a response to the livelihoods crisis that unfolded during the first wave of Covid-19. 

Due to the needs emerging from the second wave of the coronavirus, we have put together some relevant Covid-19 information and action resources on a Vikalp Sutra website, to share and amplify donation appeals coming in from different collectives and organisations across rural and urban India; funding and collaboration information; information and action resources as well as helplines.  We have also started a Facebook and Twitter profile on which we will be regularly posting specific appeals, information and resources, which are being collated on the website. We hope that this small effort will start to help groups get donations, find collaborations as well as information, education and communication materials for use in the field.

Screenshot of the current collection of available audio-visual and print resources from different organisations and creators, that can be used for awareness and education around Covid-19 prevention, treatment and other responses.

We invite you to also share similar resources that can be uploaded on the website and shared via our social media profiles:

  • If you are involved in Covid-19 Relief and are looking for support, please share the appeal with us.
  • If you are a donor or organisation that can support Covid-19 relief, please send us the details
  • If you have produced or know of any awareness or training material that can help educate people on Covid-19 prevention, treatment and response, please send the same to us.
  • If you are running a helpline or know anyone doing so, that can assist people at this time, please share the details with us

Please send these with us at: [email protected]

Through this platform, we will also be initiating actions and sharing knowledge and networking resources for ongoing/ long-term dignified livelihoods as recovery from the pandemic.

Please stay tuned and connected.



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