Talks from Vikalp Sangams

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An illustrated webpage.  Thematic Vikalp Sangam on Energy (electricity) at Bodh Gaya, Bihar. (checked on 19 Sep. 2016)

Talks by / discussions among Participants of Vikalp Sangam gatherings

Can Environment and Development go together? by Ashish Kothari

First Four Vikalp Sangams

Tsewang Namgail speaks about Vision Document in Ladakhi (after intro. by Ashish Kothari)

Sonam Wangchuk speaks about Vision Document in Ladakhi

Localising textbooks in Leh Sujatha Padmanabhan

Kuthambottom-Up – Vikalp Sangam

Stan on Journey of Just Change at Vikalp Sangam II – 
the development of Just Change

To Good Health through Good Food at Vikalp Sangam II

Localising Health at Vikalp Sangam II

Localising food at Vikalp Sangam II

Alternatives: Aspects & Principles –
notes as of Feb 2015
 – Ashish Kothari

Politics of Shaming – Tamil with English Translation; 

Politics of Shaming –  Tamil version 

Participants of Vikalp Sangam II – Madurai

Vikalpians at Vikalp Sangam II

Coming together at the Vikalp Sangam II

Beyond the Maggi debate – Vikalp Sangam II

And more videos


Discussion on Involving Youth: Sevagram Vikalp Sangam

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