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Resources for Settlements & Transport: Alternative Products & Services

  1. To meet the demand for simple and affordable cloth bags, eCoexist developed a thin cotton bag which can be retailed at Rs 20 only. This bag offers an income of Rs 7 per bag to the women who make it. Available across Pune. (checked on 13 Jun. 2018)

  2. Kickstart  Cabs  is a cab service provider which has vehicles equipped to accommodate wheetchair users and the staff is trained to help people with disabilities and senior people. (checked on 28 May 2018) Read an article on it. (checked on 28 May 2018)

  3. Rebirth promotes and markets natural, Up-cycled, organic goods and promotes art and artisans. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  4. WorkshopQ creates stunning lifestyle home accessories by re-engineering seemingly useless scrap in an effort to reduce the waste generated by households and factories. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  5. Airlite is a custom designed Fibre Reinforced Plastic sheet which enables sufficient lighting and ventilation for built environments that are lacking it (such as slum homes and tent schools). The sheet, developed by SELCO, is easy to own (through bank finance) and install. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  6. Bioenzyme Natural Cleaner by PraanaPoorna Collective, Bangalore (checked on 6 Jul. 2018)

  7. The Auroville Earth institute, founded by HUDCO, Government of India, promotes earthen architecture by bringing together the traditional knowledge with modern outlook. It organises several training programmes to
    promote earthen building technology in construction of homes. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  8. The Centre for Eco-centric Development and People’s Action (CEDAP), provides environmentally sustainable, cost effective and disaster resistant technology in buildings.  It has publications in both English and Hindi for construction of disaster resistant buildings. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  9. The Women on Wheels programme of Azad Foundation empowers resource poor women to become professional drivers to enable them to gain remunerative ‘livelihoods with dignity’. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  10. The Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) works to reform the educational system of Ladakh. They conduct summer schools and organise varied activities for Ladakhi youth, run a campus for students going to school or college in Leh, develop solar energy projects and much more. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  11. Make natural household cleanser from fruit peel – this is a bioenzyme. (checked on 28 May 2018)

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