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Resources for Politics: Networks

  1. Reclaiming Democracy from Below: From the Comtemporary State Capotalist System to Peoples’ Sovereignty. Globalizations Special Forum, co-editors: Nora McKeon and Gonzalo Berrón. Presented by The People’s Sovereignty Network and Globalizations. (checked on 29 Jul. 2020)
  2. Political Ecology Network (POLLEN), a network of sovereign (academic, activist or other) ‘nodes’ that study, teach and practice political ecology. It was established mainly to coordinate between but also to support the various nodes in ensuring that political ecology messages, lessons and insights are shared, broadcasted and heard more widely. (Checked on 24 Jul. 2018)

  3. A study shows that both citizens groups and political parties want to improve the Participatory Budgeting process introduced by the Pune Municipal Corporation, and both would be important actors in the further evolution of this process. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

1. Introduction – Nora McKeon and Gonzalo Berrón
Contextualizing corporate control in the agrifood and extractive sectors – Jennifer Clapp and Joseph  Purugganan
Land, territory and commons: voices and visions from struggles – Tomaso Ferrando, Isa Alvarez, Molly
Anderson, Sophie Dowllar, Harriet Friedmann, Antonio Gonzalez, Chandra Maracle, Nora McKeon
Rethinking law from below: experiences from the Kuna People and Rojava – Felipe Bley Folly in dialogue with Manigueuigdinapi Jorge Stanley Icaza, Havin Guneser and others
Knowledge and education for people’s sovereignty – Molly Anderson and Priscilla Settee;
Releasing the full transformative power of feminism – Zdravka Dimitrova, Isa Álvarez, Sophie Dowllar, Havin Guneser

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