Organic Food marketing in Urban Centres of India

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Organic food is poised to take deeper root in urban India. A great diversity of organic initiatives exists in the country ranging from long-standing farmer-centric initiatives to more recent domestic organic brands. Supply chain models and retail formats are equally diverse and include small organic stores, supermarkets, community-supported agriculture, restaurants and e-commerce.

This study presents wide-ranging insights into the current state and future prospects of organic food markets in urban India. Focusing principally on Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, this book :

  • Documents emerging strategies, lessons learned and robust, field-tested models in organic food retailing
  • Examines best-practice examples and conditions for successful and holistic market development
  • Suggests sustainable, long-term models of growth for organic producers
  • Identifies challenges and obstacles to growth in organic supply chains
  • Presents a set of case studies covering a wide variety of models and markets niches
  • Places special focus on small and marginal farmers and on local, de-centralized supply chains
  • Includes the most comprehensive bibliography currently available on the Indian market for organic food

This book is a valuable resource for organic manufactures, retailers, policy makers and researchers. It is also of great practical use to the average urban citizen interested in consuming sustainably.

Author: Nina Osswald, Manoj K. Menon
Publisher: International Competence Centre for organic Agriculture (ICCOA), Bangalore
ISBN 978-81-925226-2-3
contact: [email protected]

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