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 Resources for Learning & Education: Websites

  1. Abhyasa Vidyalayam is a school in Vijayawada committed to providing concept based and child centric education to children from economically challenged families. (checked on 7 Mar. 2019)

  2. Project Defy believes that education must be brought back into the hands of the people, and therefore we envision a self-designed education for all, which is accessible, equitable and localised. Seeking to break the existing factory-model of learning, the team helps communities create their own schools, called Nooks. (checked on 5 Dec. 2020)

  3. Share Eco-Wisdom website launched by Bhoomi Network, Bangalore, has resources for educators to use to build eco-wisdom, practices, mindsets in children, young people and adults. It involves activities to understand economics, bigger picture as well as citizen action. (checked on 25 Oct. 2019)

  4. Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL) aims to reform the model of higher education by developing responsible citizens as well as encouraging the direct application of knowledge to solve community challenges. (checked on 5 Nov. 2019)

  5. The Story Station (Pune) provides literary space for children and adults alike. With book clubs, writing programs, storytelling workshops, storytelling sessions, Author’s meets and all things literary – In Hindi Marathi, English and other languages too. (checked on 15 Mar. 2019)

  6. The Ragi Project (the blog) launched by the alternate school, Poorna, Bangalore aims to teach students how to grow their food, integrating health, ecological, economical, and social concerns; encourage them to critically examine the connections between people, food, and their environment. (checked on 9 Aug. 2017)

  7. Samaaveshi Pathshala is a registered nonprofit based in Karjat tribal block of Maharashtra, founded by two graduates of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, aiming to contribute to build an inclusive society. (checked on 13 May 2019)

  8. StoryWeaver (by Pratham Books) is a platform where anyone can come and create stories in an easy but powerful interface, and all the illustrations are shared under creative commons and can be used by any author. All the stories authored are shared in creative commons, can be downloaded and printed instantly. (checked on 27 July 2017)

  9. The Amala Annai High School Mambakkam (Tamil Nadu) has a green building where waste water is treated on-site, and 20% of teh energy resources required annually by the campus is provided by renewable technologies. It has h a high environmental rating awarded by te Indian Green Buidling Council. (checked on 4 Jul. 2018)

  10. Cuckoo Forest School (Puliyanur, Singarapettai) lets children of rural Tamil Nadu discover themselves. (checked on 10 Jan. 2019)

  11. Shiv Nadar University offers a MSc program in Water Science and PolicyA first of its kind academic program offering a multi-disciplinary perspective on water, for regular students and potential students from CSOs/environmental movements who can do the course work over 5 years.  Please see: //cpact.snu.edu.in (checked on 11 May 2018)

  12. A R Rahman’s Sunshine Orchestra: An initiative by The A.R. Rahman Foundation and KM Music Conservatory to keep acoustic music alive. Nurturing leadership in the conomically disadvantaged and creating  social bridges through musicality! (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  13. Ashrayam Special school located at Kannur, run by the Society for Rehabilitation of Mentally Deficient  Children, offers education, vocational/ craft training and occupational therapy as well as day care for all mentally deficient children. (checked on 10 Mar. 2017)

  14. The Shikshantar website has discussion papers, books and other material by several pioneer educationists in India who believed in an alternative system of education. The list includes writings by Gijubhai Badheka, Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo and J. Krishnamurti. (checked on 16 May 2015)

  15. Swaraj is India’s first university dedicated to strengthening our local cultures, local economies and local ecologies. Sustainability, social justice and holistic, healthy living are the core principles of their vision. They support young people in putting their dreams into action and developing eco-friendly businesses that make a difference for the world. (checked on 24 Oct. 2015)

  16. Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya located in Dharwad provides education in academics and the performing arts to children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition, food, accommodation and health care are also provided, and everything is free. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  17. ComMutiny – The Youth Collective (CYC) promotes the rights of young people for participation, development and leadership. (checked on 11 Dec. 2015)

  18. The Concerned for Working Children works in partnership with children and their communities; local governments; and national and international agencies to implement viable, comprehensive and appropriate solutions to address the various problems that children and their communities face. They are committed to empowering children and ensuring their democratic participation in all matters that affect them.
    The essential elements of Namma Nalanda Vidyapeeta set up by the same group  are: multi-age classrooms, student’s choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options, uninterrupted blocks of work time where students learn concepts from working with specialised educational materials rather than mere instruction. (checked on 29 Jan. 2016)

  19. Gandhi Ashram School, Kalimpong, admits economically disadvantaged students and provides for a formal education setup upto Grade 8. The uniqueness of the school lies in its instruction in the stringed instruments that is part of the curriculum. The school boasts of a Junior as well as a senior orchestra that has toured big and small cities in India as well as Europe. (Checked on 10 Jul. 2015)

  20. A Thousand Rivers, part of a blog by Carol Black (director of film Schooling the World). (checked on 7 May 2015)

  21. Grammangal focuses on enabling learning among those deprived of it – mainly children of tribal regions and rural children. Besides Educational aids and training programmes, they have various kinds of projects including Subject Labs. (checked on 8 May 2015)

  22. The Multiworld Network is a growing association of people from Asia, Africa and South America, all joined together in a common objective to restore the diversity of learning that existed from times immemorial. (checked on 8 May 2015)

  23. Navnirmiti promotes a scientific approach and rational thinking, and works towards universalization of quality math and science education. They provide a variety of learning tools produced at their own units in Mumbai and Pune. (checked on 18 May 2015)

  24. Baala Balaga School puts play at the centre of learning. This equal opportunity school’s innovative approach emphasizes learning that is child-centric, activity-oriented, play based, and holistic while it is affordable. It is Located in Dharwad. (checked on 5 Feb. 2016) Also Read an article on it Baala Balaga School’s innovative approach to education puts play at the centre of learning.

  25. Rural Traveller: was created to fill the gap in responsible, community based tourism in the rural Uttarakhand area in the western Himalayas. Their target is the evolved traveller whose fun filled but low carbon footprint holiday directly contributes for conservation and social cause. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  26. Alternative Education India: ‘Our Land our Life’ is the curriculum framework for an educational programme for children with specific emphasis on farming and farm related activities. Its design provides a hands on approach to learning both academic and farm related topics. The document was prepared by the Organic Farming Association of India, Taleemnet and the Natural Farming Institute with other collaborators to serve the needs of the rural and the farming communities. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  27. Humara Bachpan has been advocating for child-led development since 2012. It has organized mapping campaigns in a handful of major urban centers, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. (checked on 3 Feb. 2016)

  28. Marudam Farm School is located on an organic farm on the outskirts of Thiruvannamalai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, South of India, committed to exploring what it means to live and learn together. This includes academic and life skill learning as well as trying to live sustainably, so that in this rapidly changing world, it becomes possible to meet the challenges of life with greater intelligence and sensitivity. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  29. Pathashaala a residential school by KFI, located at Vallipuram, Tamil Nadu, works with a mixed age structure that fosters natural, wholesome and healthy interaction among children of varying ages. The teacher functions as a facilitator, seeding and sustaining creative processes of learning among children. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  30. Arvind Gupta Books and Toys: Arvind Gupta developed his idea of creating simple toys and educational experiments using locally available materials as well as items usually thrown as trash. These simple toys, he found, fascinated children and he went on to make these the hallmark of his movement for popularising science. He also provides books by himself and by others for downloading on this website. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  31. Alternative Education India, a website discusses issues related to alternative education, provides resources for alternate schooling or schooling from home, lists schools that believe and follow alternate education and teaching. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  32. Eklavya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh,  a non profit registered society is working for last three decades to bring about a change in the education system in the country through development of curriculum, teachers training program, etc. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  33. Veer Khajya Nayak Manav Vikas Pratishthan and Adharshila Learning Centre, Madhya Pradesh work for an all round development and learning for tribal children. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  34. Shikshantar, Rajasthan works towards bringing about a radical change in the education system of the country which is focused on class room teaching. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

  35. At Imlee Mahuaa school, located in Kondagaon of Bastar district, Chhattisgarh, education involves exploring the self and one’s surroundings. Educational processes are designed to help one build an understanding of our relationship with the environment. (checked on 18 May 2015)

  36. Puvidham Learning Centre – a learning center for local kids, set up near Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, with a focus on farming. (checked on 18 May 2015)

  37. TulirCentre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse (CPHCSA) is a registered, non-governmental, non-profit organization committed to working against child sexual abuse in India. (checked on 18 May 2015)

  38. Kalpavriksh’s Environment Education work strives to enable conservation and sustainable use of natural resources by promoting education and awareness that incorporates issues of ecological sustainability and social equity. (checked on 18 May 2015)

  39. Centre for Environment Education selects, collects, organizes and disseminates authentic information on Environment Education (EE). The Centre supports environmental educators and communicators to develop and deliver more effective, innovative, scientific and locale-specific EE programmes. (checked on 20 May 2015)

  40. Other India Bookstore is actively involved in documentation and dissemination of alternative literature on health, agriculture and education, challenging conventional schooling institutions and networking alternatives to factory schooling, and other socially relevant pursuits. (checked on 18 May 2015)

  41. Vidyodaya’s mission is to improve the quality of education received by underprivileged children in adivasi communities and to establish a culturally appropriate learning system with active participation of the community. (checked on 8 Jun. 2015)

  42. Rani Kajal Jeevan Shala school (located in Kakrana village, on the bank of Narmada river) was started for Adivasi children of local villages of Alirajpur district in Madhya Pradesh. It runs on the foundation of local leadership, local resources, local knowledge and culture. (checked on 16 Jan. 2017)

  43. Prakriya Green Wisdom School has been a pioneer in creative school education, focusing on experiential learning of principles of nature along with a deep concern for the inner nature of every child and her learning patterns. (checked on 8 Jun. 2015)

  44. Gurukul Botanical Sanctuary’s School in the Forest provides opportunities to get back in touch with natural processes that sustain human existence through sharpened perception, through courses and programmes, especially for the young but also for teachers and adults. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  45. Uttarakhand Environmental Education Centre (UEEC) has a number of publications on environment education. (checked on 3 Jun. 2015)

  46. Bioneers provides a forum and social hub for education, through media productions and programs, about solutions to the challenges faced by the world – to re-imagine how to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations. (checked on 24 Dec. 2015)

  47. Jose Antonio Abreu: The El Sistema music revolution, a Venezuelan movement for music education and social change. (checked on 23 Mar. 2015)

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