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Resources for Learning & Education: Tools

  1. Course in Culture and Cognition: from Knowing culture to Being culture – an experiential exploration to understand culture as lived experience (2 weeks’ duration) by K B Jinan, for Design students of first-year foundation. (checked on 27 Feb. 2019)

  2. A series of educational posters on the ban on plastics by Ecoexist. A ban on plastic such as the one in Maharashtra (2018) is not enough to change the situation. While a ban definitely helps, its implementation is tricky and not fool proof. Citizens need to take ownership of the ban, to recognise the importance of cleaning up our environment and of avoiding the use of single use plastic disposables. (checked on 27 Nov. 2018)
  3. Alternative IndiaThe website provides a list of books on alternative education, home schooling,  as well as online resources for education and learning. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  4. Ri Gyancha – A biodiversity resource kit (revised) for educators in Ladakh has been published by Kalpavriksh. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  5. Secrets of the Jungle … a children’s activity book about he Central Indian forests, their wildlife and their people, published by Kalpavriksh. (checked on 2 Sep. 2016)

  6. COURSE DESCRIPTION for Our Land Our Life : A course of practical environmental studies for classes VI – X in the Schools and Intermediate Colleges of UTTARANCHAL. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)

  7. Back to the Village: A Toolkit on Indigenous Education. This toolkit is for indigenous educators, indigenous school initiators, or for anyone that is interested in education that helps sustain diverse expressions of humanity. It includes a book and five films featuring Indigenous educational initiatives from Indonesia, the Philippines and Colombia. (checked on 8 May 2019)

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