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Resources for Learning & Education: Alternative Products

  1. Fellowship Programme in Holistic Education by Bhoomi College, Bengaluru promotes holistic enquiry and practice in both education and learning for ecological living. Connecting to the land and local communities are strong aspects of these courses, as well as a belief in working with a gift culture. (checked on 20 Jun. 2018)
  2. Gandhi Book published by Azim Premji University tries to capture the essence of Gandhi through quotes and extracts from different sources. With a list of resources – papers, books, and a reference to websites. For anyone who is keen on exploring Gandhian ideas. (checked on 27 Dec. 2017)
  3. Chakmak, a magazine for children in Hindi, goes beyond publication of fairy tales and stories of Kings and Queens for children. It publishes material concerning various subjects of the world, including science, literature and arts for the children in simple and interesting language while treating children as equals. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  4. Aavishkaar is a program of science and math to encourage hands-on experience through models, experiments, experience and projects. The goal is to shift the focus from teaching to learning, to make learning a joyful experience and to spread the culture of science and scientific inquiry. (checked on 13 Sep. 2016)
  5. Eklavya publishes educational classics, educational modules for teachers and children, picture books, material for young readers and beginners, activity books, fiction and non-fiction, books on various social issues and so on. Or see a list of their publications (checked on 2 May 2017)
  6. Avehi‘s Theme based user-friendly packages of audio visual resources are available in booklet form giving full information about each listed item. Their Training Resources are also available. (checked on 17 Aug. 2015)
  7. Educational aids and training programmes are offered by Grammangal, which focuses on enabling learning among those deprived of it – mainly children of tribal regions and rural children. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  8. Pitara, an all round education store for children located at ten different places across the country provides books, puzzles, games, toys, science kits, etc. for children. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  9. Energy Managers: Environmental Toolkit on Renewable Energy from Centre for Science and Environment – There are many fun activities in this kit that are designed to facilitate experiential learning. Each activity is accompanied with relevant information, facts and explanations to provide a holistic learning experience that are also fun!  (checked on 15 May 2021)
  10. The Adharshila Learning Centre, Madhya Pradesh runs The Naatak India Company with its school children who perform plays concerning social issues faced by Indian society in general and tribal society in particular. The Naatak India Company performs on invitation. The centre also prints and sells calendars on the issue of tribal life and heritage. It runs a community radio for farmers to promote organic farming. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  11. Alternative Education India, provides a list of alternative schools or places that offer learning across India, resource material for home schooling, etc. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  12. The Project Gutenberg website provides high quality ebooks (as also Audio books), published by bona fide publishers for downloading free of cost. While copyright laws in the US do not apply to most of these ebooks, as the copy rights have expired, this does not apply to all the countries. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  13. Sambhaavnaa Institute, Himachal Pradesh offers training courses and workshops to activists, community works and leaders to participate in the process of policy making and formulation of law so that these are formulated with public interest in mind. It also educates participants in the current polices and laws framed by the Government and the implications these have on the people and environment of the country.   (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  14. School for Democracy or the Loktantra Shala, Rajasthan, is a place to learn about democracy, the constitution of India and understand the issues faced by the marginalised communities of the country. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  15. Swaraj University, Rajasthan, offers two years’ self designed course to develop sustainable and environmentally conscious business and entrepreneurship skills. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  16. Bhoomi College, Bangalore offers learning programmes for environmentally conscious and sustainable living. It offers both short and long term courses to students interested in farming, ecology, organic food, holistic health. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  17. The Bombay Natural History Society offers online courses in ornithology, herpetology, biodiversity conservation, entomology. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  18. Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, an autonomous organisation, supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India works towards linking education with culture. One of its main objectives is holistic education of children. It provides training courses for teachers in arts, crafts and culture, promotes use of puppetry, theatre, songs,  use of audio-visual aids, etc. for the education of children; it offers  training workshops for conservation of the country’s heritage, offers training programmes for children with special needs, and programs for the revival and promotion of rural arts and crafts. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  19. Darpan a dance academy offers courses in performing arts including folk dances of India, martial art of Kerala. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  20. A course in Tribal Studies is offered at the Adivasi Academy run by Bhasha Research and Publication Centre,  Gujarat. Read here about the work being done by Bhasha (checked on 23 Dec. 2015)
  21. Pratham Books publishes children’s books which are also used as supplementary reading material. Many have been recommended by CBSE and all have illustrations in synchronization with the text, which help the kids not only to comprehend what they read, but also to develop their visual literacy. (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
  22. Veteran Natural Farmer Bhaskar Save‘s team conducts training courses in Natural Farming on their farm (in coastal southern Gujarat). (checked on 25 Jun. 2015)
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