From U.S. to Mandya – Why a Software Engineer Left America to Run a Farmers’ Co-Op in Rural India

By Meryl GarciaonFeb. 09, 2016in Food and Water

He made his mark in the US but was unable to resist the call of his homeland. Madhuchandan SC, a software engineer, started his own company, Verifya, in San Jose, a few years ago. This firm’s software is now used all over the world. So, in terms of professional success, Madhuchandan felt he had achieved everything he wanted to. It was around this time that he contemplated coming back home. Madhuchandan and his wife decided it was better to return while they were in their 30s, at an age where they could work towards making a difference in India, rather than wait for retirement. So they packed their bags and headed to Mandya, Karnataka, in 2014.

“I came home with the plan of becoming a farmer. However, once I got to my hometown in Mandya, I realised that the farmers here were facing a lot of problems. This is when I decided to work for their welfare,” says Madhu.

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