Discussions on Alternatives over Cups of Ragi Malt

By Rashi Mishra on Jan. 14, 2015 in Society, Culture and Peace

Written specially for Vikalp Sangam website

If you tell them in advance, the drivers of buses plying between Hyderabad and Bengaluru along NH 47 would stop near a village called Chennakothapalli (a.k.a. C.K.Palli). From there you head for – Timbaktu.

Timbaktu was the place where the first Vikalp Sangam (Alternative Confluence) was co-organized and hosted by Timabaktu Collective in October 2014. It is a picturesque location in Andhra Pradesh in the lap of wonderfully regenerated nature and the heart of rich culture.

The idea of Alternative(s) stems out when one, disturbed by the cry against injustice and the deceptive ‘development’ stories, struggles to challenge the status quo and move towards a more just and equitable society where the idea is not to win the race and accumulate more wealth and power but to live at peace with fellow beings, with nature and with oneself.

The framework of the Vikalp Sangam and the ambience of the venue, in essence, were in cohesive adherence to such a way of life.  The Sangam throughout the three days was buzzing with revolutionary ideas, some sharing, discussions and dialogue, laughing, singing, dancing and a few cultural performances.

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Photos: Ashish Kothari

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Read this report in Telugu, translated by Shri Mallikarjuna Rao, Laya, Visakapatanam

Watch the proceedings at the Vikalp Sangam gathering on video clips by Centre for Education and Documentation.

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