Ancient Indian Tradition of Agriculture and Food Sharing

By Claude Alvares on Aug. 11, 2015 in Perspectives

The undoubted and perhaps unintended – or unforeseen – ill-effects associated with the
conventional green revolution package of practices has compelled both farmers and governments to
look more favourably at organic farming, which appears dissociated with any of these deadly

Similarly, critical evaluation of aspects of “modern” agriculture – particularly its costs and its
inbuilt unsustainability associated with non-renewal resources like fertilisers based on imported
petrochemicals – are leading to a felt need to take a relook at the varied practices associated with
indigenous or traditional agriculture which cost little or nothing at all. It is also a given that prior to
1966, the use of deadly pesticides to deal with problem insects simply did not exist.

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The author Claude Alvares is an environmentalist based in Goa, India. He is the editor of the Other India

Press and the Director of the Goa Foundation.

First published on the author’s blog, this version from Indiafacts

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