A New System to Harness Energy from the Ocean

By Dr Ashok KundapuronNov. 17, 2017in Perspectives

Presenting to the World the most Eco-friendly, Modular, non-polluting Wave Energy Harnessing system capable of generating 100 MW or more of Grid interactive Electricity continuously at over 80% of installed capacity, and costing almost as converntional Coal-based Thermal power plant. 

I, a scientist invertor and a Environmentalist, with about 30 years of experience in advocating Alternate Energy and author of highly popular website on Solar cookers (adopted by SCI and UNESCO https://www.solcooker.net/, https://www.eolss.net/ebooklib/bookinfo/solar-energy-conversion-photoenergy-systems.aspx, https://solarcooking.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Solar_cooker_designs, which has won me an acclaim as International Solar Cooker Expert, now take pleasure in presenting first ever 100 MW Wave Energy Harnessing system to the World.

But what made me detour from Solar Cookers to Wave? To make the long story short, having studied and experienced impacts of Coal Based Thermal power plants, burning of fossil fuels and consequent Green House effects on the Planet, I had been exploring Alternate Energy Sources, and zeroed on Wave Energy. I have tried to share some information on my search through an E-magazine – (http://www.d-sector.com/article-det.asp?id=868) Why Wave Energy? Because, it has a regular and predictable periodicity besides being the most concentrated form of free energy available on this planet, (Power of Sun, Moon, wind and Earth’s rotation), while Solar energy is available only during day time and Wind energy is intermittent.

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