शैक्षणिक पदवीचा ‘स्मृती’दिन ! (In Marathi)

शैक्षणिक पात्रता आणि कर्तृत्व यांचा परस्परसंबंध लावावा हे आजच्या एकविसाव्या शतकातही कोणाच्या तरी मनात येतं आणि त्यावर वाद होऊ शकतात, हे खूपच दुर्दैवी आहे.

A Glimpse of Barefoot College

A group of local village women attended the Barefoot College Parabolic Solar Cooker workshop, and then started a cooperative to cut, weld, build an...

Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Pune

With its firm belief in ‘Learning by Doing’, Vigyan Ashram at Pabal, Maharashtra has, over past 3 decades, transformed the lives of hundreds of rur...

A Barefoot Journey to Tilonia

In 1965 a young post graduate student, SANJIT “BUNKER” ROY volunteered to spend the summer working with famine affected people in Palamu District B...

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