India's Internet Has a Caste System. Welcome The 'Bultoo Class' and Their 'Voicebook'

By SHUBHRANSHU CHOUDHARY on June 25, 2017 in Perspectives

This new radio is democratic. People walk to a place where mobile signal is available to record their songs and messages to a server.

Facebook is a great tool. It has positively transformed millions of lives. But developing world countries like India probably needs something called 'Voicebook' more than Facebook. For example, in India, Facebook has 140 million subscribers. That is around 10 percent of India's population of around 1.3 billion.

Facebook is a modern marketplace where people talk, exchange ideas and also goods. A majority of today's world are excluded from this modern facility though.

They have their own marketplaces but they are limited in nature. Can we create 'Voicebook' for them?

A small effort to this effect is taking place in Central India. It can also help transform journalism from an aristocratic exercise, which it is today, but can convert itself into a democratic one. Facebook is called 'social media' but how can a place be called social when 90 percent of the population are not on it?

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First published by Outlook India

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